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martes, 22 de enero 2019
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Strategic planning

Publicado 7 abr. 2015


Strategic planning

UdeA’s comprehensive development plan encompasses a broad range of specific programs and projects designed to meet the needs of each academic unit or department of the University. The planning process involves thorough management assessment in order to meet the University’s standards of academic and administrative excellence.  Management assessment is essential for the continued development of the University.  

Administrative decentralization

Decentralized functions play a key role in the academic and administrative operation of the University and also provide support in helping achieve the University’s academic and administrative goals. Although the various departments and schools of the University work in close collaboration, each department has been conferred autonomous status to carry out its functions independently.


Universidad de Antioquia has a long-standing reputation for promoting regionalization as a way to boost knowledge transfer, research, technology and culture across the country. 

Strategic Plan 2006-2016

Universidad de Antioquia strengthens its unwavering commitment to promoting higher education as way to boost regional and national development by producing socially useful knowledge and providing students with high quality research-based training.  

The University also promotes scientific and technological breakthroughs as well as cultural innovation to strengthen academic performance and community-based projects both regionally and nationwide.

The University is convinced that science and technology play a key role in achieving development and that community-based social and economic development is essential to produce highly competent professionals committed to social transformation.

The challenges facing the University encourage the university community to become actively engaged in the preservation of the University’s autonomy and public character.   

Through the implementation of its Strategic Plan the University aspires to become a leading university committed to excellence in research and innovation at the service of the community and the nation.

Click to download the plan.

Action plan 2012-2015

UdeA’s Strategic Plan aims to strengthen the University’s goal of becoming  “a leading university committed to excellence in research and innovation at the service of the community and the nation”. The University will continue to strengthen its commitment to a fair, supportive and well-educated society to ensure that its goals are met in alignment with the University’s principles of social commitment.

All of the University’s actions are aimed at promoting community-based inclusive development. UdeA confirms its commitment to providing high-quality educational opportunities as well as contributing to scientific, technological and cultural development.

The University’s action plan encompasses a number of agreements between the various university bodies regarding the objectives of the Strategic Plan and is also a strategy to achieve the overall goals. The action plan is designed to identify strategic initiatives that allow the University to move in the right direction as well as seek funding and establish responsibilities and procedures pertaining to the implementation of the plan. 

Click here to download the plan

Regional Strategic Plan

UdeA’s Regional Strategic Plan is an initiative designed to guide the work of those involved in the University’s regionalization activities. Its functions include identify the needs and peculiarities of the regional communities, recruit regionalization staff members and select the academic and administrative units that are responsible for leading “Antioquia’s flagship university“ in the regions.

This plan is intended to allow the University to strategically meet the various needs of the regional communities. Therefore, the Regional Strategic Plan becomes a useful tool for regional campuses to develop their strategic and action plans in alignment with the university guidelines and policies and ensuring sustainability of regionalization strategies.

Anti corruption Plan and Customer Service System

In compliance with the provisions of Act 1474 of 2011 Universidad de Antioquia has the Anti corruption Plan as well as the Customer Service System as a way to implement strategies aimed at preventing corruption within the University.

Click here to download the plan

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