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Mission and vision

Publicado 7 abr. 2015


Mission and vision


Universidad de Antioquia is a public university committed to the highest standards of academic excellence, the production and dissemination of knowledge, and the preservation of cultural heritage.


In 2016, UdeA will be a leading research university both nationally and internationally and will offer undergraduate and graduate programs that meet the highest international standards of academic excellence. The University will continue to promote a supportive environment for diversity and dialogue. 

Strategic goals

  • Produce, develop, disseminate and use knowledge as a way to solve the problems and needs of the local, regional and national community.
  • Provide students with a broad scientific, humanistic and ethical background and prepare them to work as a team member and independently, as well as providing them with the skills necessary for successful career development and to effectively lead change processes.
  • Encourage students to deepen their understanding and knowledge of arts and culture, as well as their appreciation of work and the community values.
  • Strengthen the University’s reputation as a leader in research, technology, arts, economics and politics as well as its commitment to ethics.
  • Work closely with other universities nationwide in order to improve research, teaching and extension activities.
  • Strive to improve the quality of education by means of innovative research, updating and professionalization processes.
  • Promote international relationships and collaboration.
  • Create collaborative academic learning communities that work closely with their peers both nationally and abroad.
  • Promote environmental preservation and responsible use of resources as well as an eco-friendly culture by implementing appropriate research, teaching and extension activities.
  • Promote research, dissemination and preservation of regional and national cultural heritage. 
  • Promote the development of teaching methods that foster critical and creative thinking as well as improve discipline and productivity among students.
  • Implement programs aimed at fostering socially responsible entrepreneurship in both the public and the private sector.
  • Conduct ongoing assessment of the various aspects of the University's academic and administrative environments.
  • Promote a culture of respect for human rights by fostering an environment conducive to ongoing social development.
  • Disseminate scientific, technological, literary and artistic information via information and communication technologies. 
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