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martes, 22 de enero 2019
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Definition and templates

Última actualización 10 mar. 2017

International agreements are cooperation contracts whereby two or more international institutions agree to work together on issues such as the exchange of faculty and students, technical assistance programs and research, teaching and extension activities. A cooperation agreement states the roles and responsibilities of the parties entering into a collaborative partnership.

Types of agreements

There are two main categories of international agreements approved for use at UdeA, depending on the intent and purpose of the proposed collaboration.

Framework Agreement

A framework agreement, also referred to as an umbrella agreement, is that in which the parties set out the terms under which collaboration will be made. These types of agreements usually involve cooperation in areas of mutual concern. A framework agreement is typically signed by the rector/president and his counterpart.

Specific Cooperative Agreement

A specific agreement is one that states the knowledge areas, specific activities, roles and financial responsibilities of the parties as well as the academic departments that will be responsible for implementation of the agreement. Specific agreements are normally signed by the relevant dean or department head.

Key elements of a collaborative agreement

The preparation, signing and approval of a cooperation agreement, involves the participation of four key elements including the International Affairs Office, the academic and administrative units, the Office of Legal Counsel and the foreign university.

The guidelines below apply directly to cooperation agreements between Universidad de Antioquia and a partner institution abroad. However, it may be necessary to incorporate any additional provisions at the request of the foreign institution. Cooperation agreement templates should include details like:

  1. The logos of both universities. 
  2. The personal data of the legal representatives.
  3. The purpose of the agreement.
  4. The type of cooperation to be implemented including research activities, exchange of academic materials, exchange of faculty members, seminars, workshops and other academic activities.
  5. If the agreement involves the exchange of undergraduate students it must specify whether the host university provides tuition fee waiver for visiting students.
  6. If the agreement includes exchange of graduate students, it should be noted that the tuition fee will be determined by the relevant academic unit.
  7. All exchange students must have health insurance coverage during their stay abroad. The health insurance must comply with the immigration regulations of the host country.            
  8. Contact information of the person(s) responsible for administration of the agreement in both universities.
    1. Name: ________________
    2. Position: ____________________________
    3. Address: _________________________
    4. Phone: ___________________________
    5. E-mail: _____________________________
  9. As provided by the Office of Legal Counsel, the agreements must have a maximum duration of five years. In some cases, requests for any further extensions of time will be considered.
  10. A request for extension form signed by the two institutions before the agreement's expiry date (no automatic extension allowed).
  11. The addresses of the two universities.
  12. The date and place of the signing of the agreement.
  13. In order for an agreement to be considered a valid contract, it must be signed by both parties.
  14. A true copy of the original contract (in Spanish).
  15. Intellectual properly contracts must be duly translated.
  16. A framework agreement it is not a prerequisite for a specific agreement to be signed.

Cooperation agreement templates

Below you can download the cooperation agreement forms:

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